When hate and scapegoating get normalized

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The homeless here are BUMS. Its a lifestyle choice. They are drug addicts and Thieves. They chose this life! They like it!

“I know it’s not directed toward me as an individual,” he said. “But it is directed toward me as a homeless person.”

- “Firecrackers. Molotov cocktails. Fire attacks have shaken L.A.’s homeless community” Los Angeles Times, October 18, 2019

In Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley, homeless people living in an encampment in Chatsworth have had rocks thrown at them from cars, have had insults yelled at them and have been pepper-sprayed.

- “As Homelessness Surges in California, So Does a Backlash” New York Times, October 21, 2019

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